How to Do Taxes Yourself

How to Do Taxes Yourself

How to Do Taxes Yourself Like a Professional, Even if You Are Not.

 Although some accountants will tell you, learning how to do taxes yourself is not difficult. You also don’t need a college degree in accounting; most of the time, you don’t even need to see a professional tax preparer or go to a department store to buy an expensive tax package.

 If you are reading this article, you may have a tax return that you can easily prepare on our online tax filing website. Plus, at EZ Tax, you pay one low fee of $25, no matter how simple or how complex your return is.

To have a simple return prepared by a professional tax preparer, you may have to pay a fee of $250.00 or more. Add in itemized deductions, or one or two tax credits, and the cost will be at least doubled.

Compare these high fees with our low flat fee of $25, and you will see why so many people visit our online tax filing site to do their own taxes. Sitting somewhere and doing your own tax research is a thing of the past. In addition, the low fixed fee of $25 includes your federal return, resident state return, and free electronic filing.

Our current customer base starts with teenagers, and goes up to senior citizens of retirement age. Many of them have been filing taxes online for many years and have saved considerable tax filing fees. If you’re in that broad group, try it and see how to do taxes yourself fast and easy.

Do you know how to do taxes yourself or do you go to a tax preparer?

Some of these clients have only to file a simple return using the new and increased standard deduction, while many other clients file returns for a business on a Schedule C. These folks don’t have to know all of the ins and outs of filing taxes either because we do.

Just to give you an understanding of the tax preparation market, please search for online tax filing on the Internet. You will see 30 or 40 million quotations, which can confuse even experienced tax preparers.

Most bids will come from five major companies that hire professional search optimization experts. They pay thousands of dollars a month to ensure that their ads appear on the first page of the search results.

We are not as big as other companies, but our software program is just as good and our professional services are better. Find out how to do taxes yourself for a very low fee.

Our parent company, the HBS Financial Group, Ltd., has prepared tax returns for more than 30 years and can answer your questions for free. We learned how to do taxes, so you don’t have to. The professional software we use for our clients in our tax practice is the same software that was developed for you on the tax filing website. We teamed up with these fine people several years ago and have the highest regard for them.

Our main goal is to ensure that you have a good experience on our online tax filing website. It is really easy to submit your return. You don’t even need to know what type of tax return you need.

Just answer a few simple interview-style questions, and our highly intuitive software program can choose the type of return you need. Everything is automatic… All forms and schedules that you need are completed right before your eyes!

Sometimes you may need to file multiple state returns because you have income earned in a second state. Please rest assured that we can prepare state returns for any state with an income tax. This is just one example of how easy it is to file taxes online on our website.

Once you have answered the simple interview questions and entered your details from your W-2 and other tax forms, our program will know what type of return you will need. It will automatically select and complete all required forms and schedules.

You can be sure too, you will receive every deduction and tax credit that you are eligible for based on your financial circumstances. You don’t have to know how to do taxes yourself unless you really want to know.

After reviewing your entire return, you can submit it electronically to the IRS and your state. If you also choose to receive refunds by depositing directly into your checking or savings account, this will speed up the use of your funds.

You can print out a copy of your tax return for your file, and then our program will store the relevant information for you to be used next year. If you’re not sure our program is right for you, we encourage you to take it for a test drive. You can use it all the way up to the e-file screen, and if you don’t like it, simply stop and leave the program with no cost or obligation.

If you don’t know how to do taxes yourself, don’t worry, we know so you don’t have to. We just ask you to try this amazing program and see what it can do for you.

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