How To Do Taxes Online Easy

How To Do Taxes Online Easy

Learn How to Do Taxes Online with Our 7 Easy Tips

I can tell you from my many years of experience in operating a tax practice, that learning how to do taxes online is not hard. If you’ve never done it before, it may appear to be a little overwhelming. However, if you have an average type of tax return, answering a few simple interview questions, and then typing in the information requested is about all there is to it.

With the changes brought about with the new tax reform act, many individuals who had been itemizing their deductions in the past, now use the increased standard deduction. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to know what method is most beneficial for you.

You can enter the deductions that you have for medical expenses, taxes, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions. If the total of those is below the standard deduction, then our intuitive program will use the deduction that will benefit you the most.

Today, the average taxpayer that has a mortgage loan, files as single or maybe married with children, is employed and paid by W-2 wages, is a prime candidate for our EZ Tax online tax filing. Even those with more complex returns find our program easy to use, and best of all, a low $25 fee.

You would be in a state of shock if you were to take a simple return like that to a CPA. Normally, their fees would begin around $250 and would go up from there. When you start to add a few more schedules, such as a Schedule C for a side gig, or maybe a Schedule E for a rental property, the fee would be substantially higher. Knowing how to do taxes online will eliminate those high preparation fees.

If you keep good records and hang on to your receipts, those extra schedules are simple enough to file your taxes online at EZ Tax. And the best part…it wouldn’t cost you any more than our low $25 fee. You don’t have to be a trained accountant either, we made our program easy enough so that the average taxpayer could file taxes online just like the pros do.

How to do taxes online and save time and money

Many years ago, tax returns were completed by hand, and if you didn’t know what forms flowed into other forms, you were in trouble. But today, with the advent of sophisticated software, preparing a tax return is very simple. In addition, you don’t need to attend a class to learn how to do taxes online.

As soon as you answer the simple interview style questions, the EZ Tax program prepares the various forms that will be completed in your tax return. You enter the tax information that was sent to you in look alike forms in the software, and before you know it, all of that information has been transferred to the forms in your return.

These seven tips we’re offering you will help you to save time and money, and will get you started on an easy tax filing this year.

  • As soon as a new year begins, get a file or a large envelope and start putting your receipts and any tax forms in it. If you only have a W-2 and maybe bank interest, you won’t have much to put into it until the end of the year when you prepare your tax return. If you have a side gig and maybe itemizing your deductions too, you’ll have more. For the side gig, get a notebook or a ledger book and start recording all income earned and expenses paid by cash, check, or credit card.
  • If you’ll be itemizing deductions only, and will have no other sources of income, start saving all receipts for medical expenses like co-pays, prescriptions, medical insurance, and even auto mileage for travel to get medical care. Also, if you’re buying a home, there will be real estate taxes and mortgage interest.
  • Don’t forget receipts for charitable contributions too. You aren’t allowed to claim donations where you paid cash unless you have a bona fide receipt. Donations in kind, such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army need to be documented as well using the fair market value. Be aware, that donations of clothing and the like don’t increase in value, they usually decrease.
  • You don’t have to be concerned if you will have enough deductions to be able to itemize, either. After you enter all of your information, our amazing program will do a behind the scenes calculation, and will use the method that is best for you.
  • Learning how to do taxes online is not hard at all. We can’t emphasize enough, keep good records and save appropriate receipts, and you’re sure to have an easier time when tax season rolls around.
  • Entering the information from your W-2 is straight forward. Simply type in the blocks on the computer form as you see them on your W-2. Other information, such as dependents, is a matter of answering the interview questions. Just remember, if you aren’t clear about some item, our USA based support stands by to help.

Now that you’ve entered all of the requested information, the awesome program does it’s thing. It calculates your return, completing all forms and schedules, and gives you the opportunity to review the tax return. Unlike other online tax filing vendors, our EZ Tax program doesn’t give you a pop-up saying that your return is more complex and you must upgrade to a higher priced tier. No way! We’re doing it for $25, federal and state…period.

  • You’ve now reached the stage where your completed return is on your computer screen, and you’re reviewing it for possible missed information. The program has also done its calculations and any deductions and tax credits that you are eligible for, are there for you to see.It’s almost time to e-file your taxes, but first, a couple of decisions to make. If you prefer to not use your credit card, you have the option to have the small $25 fee deducted from your refund.

If you’re getting a refund, the option to have it directly deposited to one of your bank accounts is a very smart move. You’ll get your refund faster, and won’t have to rely on our undependable postal service.

Sometimes, getting a refund just isn’t in the cards. In that case, when you have a balance due, you can authorize the IRS to charge your bank checking or savings account. Or, you can print out an invoice and mail a check to the IRS.

If you follow these 7 tips, we believe that you will know how to do taxes online, and most importantly, at EZ Tax where you can file your taxes online for a flat rate fee of $25, no matter how complicated your tax return may be. This link will take you to our amazing program. Try it free…no obligation.

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