How To File Your Own Taxes with EZ Tax Pro

How to File Your Own Taxes with EZ Tax

Filing Your Own Taxes is Easy with EZ Tax ProSee how to file your own taxes

EZ Tax Pro can show you how to file your own taxes without a whole lot of stress and confusion. Plus, we’ll do it for you for a flat rate fee of just only $25 – and that includes your federal and state return too. When you consider there is no extra charge to file taxes electronically, it’s quite a bargain.

Have you noticed all those pricing tiers the other online tax filing vendors use on their sites? They start with FREE and go up to $150 or more depending on how complicated your return is. A lot of people don’t know what a Schedule C or a Schedule E are used for, but you’ll find them listed in the higher pricing tiers for sure.

Not here at EZ Tax Pro! We have one flat rate of $25, and it doesn’t matter if your return is a very simple one or a very complicated one that includes a lot of extra schedules or credits. One more thing about the other guys’ pricing tiers. If you look just under the price for each tier, you’ll see “state return extra” in small print.

We’ll show you how to file your own taxes for just $25

If you click on that link, you’re in for another surprise. Even their FREE tier charges you anywhere from $19.95 to $39.95 extra for filing a state return. Compare those fees to our low $25 fee that includes your state return at EZ Tax Pro, and you know how to file your own taxes is so easy with EZ Tax Pro.

Don’t throw away your hard-earned money to those big-name filing sites. You can save yourself a lot of money by using EZ Tax Pro, and a lot of hassle too. It’s easy to see how to file your own taxes makes a lot of sense.

You don’t have to think or do a lot of reading either to figure out your total cost with EZ Tax Pro. One schedule or fifty schedules, it’s the same low price of $25, federal and state included.

Don’t let filing your own taxes make your life a lot harder.

How to file your own taxes fastWe have no restrictions and welcome all types of income filers. You can be assured that we offer guarantees of 100% accuracy as well as our maximum refund based on your financial situation. We believe that every one should pay their fair share of taxes and no more based on their circumstances.

If you happen to get stuck with some part of your return, or just have a question, support is there to help you. We have a staff of USA based individuals that are trained in taxes and in using our program.

So, if you’re a student filing his first tax return for a part-time job, or an experienced freelancer filing taxes self employed, EZ Tax Pro is the best choice for you. We handle all types of returns for the military and landlords too –all for a $25 flat rate fee.

We’ve teamed up with our online tax filing provider,, to show you how to file your own taxes fast and easy. Give our program a try, free of charge with no obligation. You’ll see why so many individuals come back year after year.


File your own taxes for $25

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Here's what some of our happy clients have to say

Ellie V.Ellie V.No hidden fees or upsells

“Extremely easy to follow with their interview system. Much cheaper than H&R Block and Turbo Tax. No hidden fees. Will definitely use this site from now on.”

Mark F.Mark F.No higher pricing tiers

Boy, I'm sure glad I found your site. I was a long term customer of Turbotax, and each year, for every simple schedule that was added to my return, my fee jumped because I was in a higher priced tier. I don't have that problem with EZ Tax Pro, and I'll be back.

Samantha C.Samantha C.Easy to use plus low $25 fee

Wow! You said your fee was $25, no matter what kind of a return I had, and it was. I was paying a CPA close to $500 because I had one rental property and a small gig I have part time. It really was easy to do the return myself by using the previous year return.

Everyone Gets One Awesome Price

You get our flat-rate low price of $25, and it doesn’t matter how much you earn, who you are, or how you earned it. You can be sure everything is included too. From very simple to highly complex, we have you covered.


File your own taxes at EZ Tax